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Tim Even and Halee Phelps win the Harrison 5K Run by the Lake

The runners slosh off in the Harrison 5K.  Tim Even, in the blue shorts, gets a fast start.

The runners slosh off in the Harrison 5K. Tim Even, in the blue shorts, gets a fast start.

(Harrison ME)  Under downpour conditions, Tim Even won the 11th Annual Harrison Rec Department’s 5K on Wednesday night for the second straight year.

Halee Phelps (junior at Westbrook High School) paced the women with a seven second victory over Anna Lastra (sophomore at Fryeburg Academy).

Halee Phelps

Halee Phelps

Tim Even

Tim Even

The rainy conditions were a big factor.  If you weren’t carrying an umbrella, or sitting in your vehicle, you were a runner.

It was actually quite dark for the 7PM start but those running this well-managed event (Tammy Anderson and Julie Crawford-Murphy) were more than capable of handling the safety issues that driving rain, darkness, and a flow of traffic might cause.

Tim Even, by way of Fryeburg Academy and Southern Maine, started fast and never trailed, although last year’s 73-second margin of victory was reduced to 13 seconds by Eric Darling.

Tim’s winning time was 17:19, which was over thirty seconds slower than last year.  Blame the rain?  Maybe.  I saw Tim finish 17th in the big Bridgton 4th race a week ago after he took second in 2012.  I’m guessing that there’s some sort of injury in the mix.

Eric Darling

Eric Darling

Anna Lastra

Anna Lastra

Eric Darling, who won the race in 2011, finished ninth last year on a warm evening.  The native of Shelborne VT shaved over three minutes off of his time in 2012 to get second place this year.

Josh Grenier and Brett Albright finished 3rd and 4th.  Mark MacDougall (Lake Region High School) and Arno Bommer (from Houston) were separated by two seconds for 5th.

Tim Cushing (Bridgton) ended up 7th followed by Patrick Ridlon (he was 12th in 2012) and 18-year-od Michael Mayles.  Nathan Cushing rounded out the top ten males.

Halee Phelps is 16-years-old and finished 16th overall to capture the female title.  Close behind Halee was Anna Lastra a 15-year-old from Fryeburg Academy.

Erin Seavey of Newburgh (ME) was the third woman finisher.

Laracy brothers

Laracy brothers

For the second straight year I got a picture of the Laracy brothers, Matt (14) and Mitchell (11), running together down Main Street.

This site has complete race results.

(All of the pictures above and below will enlarge considerably if you click on them.)

Mark MacDougall (5th) and Arno Bommer (6th)

Mark MacDougall (5th) and Arno Bommer (6th)

Brett Albright (4th)

Brett Albright (4th)

Josh Grenier (3rd)

Josh Grenier (3rd)

pre-race lineup

pre-race lineup

Tim Even pre-race

Tim Even pre-race

Erin Seavey (3rd female)

Erin Seavey (3rd female)

Nathan Cushing (10th)

Nathan Cushing (10th)

Patrick Ridlon (8th) and Michael Mayles (9th)

Patrick Ridlon (8th) and Michael Mayles (9th)

Tim Cushing - 7th

Tim Cushing – 7th

pre-race darkness

pre-race darkness

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Tim Even and Sara Bradley win 2012 Harrison Recreation Department 5K Run by the Lake race

Tim Even (136) and Sara Bradley (bright green socks) among the starters of the Harrison 5K.

Tim Even wins by over a minute.

(Harrison ME)  No truth to the rumor that Tim Even stopped at the Village Tie Up during the race for a soda before heading back out to win the Harrison 5K on Wednesday night.

Tim from Stoneham, Maine easily won the 10th Annual Harrison Recreation Department 5K Run by the Lake (16:45) finishing seventy-three seconds ahead of runner-up Dan Crooker of Bethel.

Last time I saw Tim run was a week ago when he was chasing Silas Eastman down Main Street in Bridgton‘s Fourth of July race.  I jokingly asked him, before the Harrison race, where Silas was.  He told me that Silas is a friend of his (they are both connected with Fryeburg Academy) and that he would love to race him again.

Tim (recent graduate from Southern Maine) informed me that he had never run the Harrison race before and showed up because he’ll miss a race in Lovell in the near future and needed the workout.

Minus Silas to keep him company, Tim ran alone early and never let up.  I would suspect that his winning time is a course record.

Dan Crooker (17:58) finished second, Bronson Dean (18:38) third, Mark MacDougall (19:02) fourth, and Tim Cushing (19:51) fifth.

Sara Bradley of Waterford finished seventh overall

Sara Bradley (20:37 – 7th overall) took the women’s title away from last year’s winner Sarah Pribram (20:40).  And as you can tell from the times……it was close.

Abby Stratton (14) defended her 1-19 women’s title passing Virginia Cain down the stretch and winning by eight seconds.

Last year’s overall winner, Eric Darling, finished 9th.  His time of 17:41 in 2011 would have earned him second place in 2012, thirty seconds behind the winner.

The weather was splendid with temperatures in the 70s and plenty of cooling shadows.

(All of the pictures above and below enlarge considerably if you click on them.)

Ben Kinnerson, Sara Bradley, Eric Darling, and Sarah Pribram

Virginia Cain and Abby Stratton

Matt and Mitchell Laracy

Jamie Toohey and family

Benjamin Sykes (8 years old)

Leslie Hayes and family

race starts

Tim Even past Harrison Landing

Dan Crooker (2nd)

Bronson Dean (3rd)

Mark MacDougall (4th)

Tim Cushing (5th)

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Emily Ward and Silas Eastman Win 2012 Bridgton 4 on the 4th

Silas Eastman, Tim Even, and Peter Bottomley (in the distance) stride for the top three places in the 2012 Bridgton 4 on the 4th

Silas Eastman – champion runner and skier at Fryeburg Academy

(Bridgton ME)  The last few years runners “from away” have shown up at the Bridgton 4 on the 4th and gotten the best of the local runners.

Not this year.  Familiar faces Silas Eastman, Tim Even, and Peter Bottomley took the top three spots in the male division under overcast conditions.  (It was almost like having Americans take the first three spots in the Boston Marathon!)

However, in the women’s division vacationing Emily Ward, formerly a Division 1 runner for the University of Richmond, was seventeenth overall (24:26) and defeated the second place woman (Cathleen Balantic) by fifty seconds.

Interesting coincidence that last year’s men’s winner (Jonny Wilson) was also from the University of Richmond.

Winner Silas Eastman from Chatham (NH) just finished his junior year at Fryeburg Academy and has won the Class B state cross country championship the last two years.  The 17-year-old is also one of the best skiers in Maine.

Emily Ward – former University of Richmond runner finishes first

Silas ran the course in 21:33 defeated FA alum Tim Even by eight seconds.  When I saw the two runners near the Magic Lantern, Silas appeared to be stretching his lead over Tim.

Second place finisher Tim (23) from Stoneham (ME) graduated this year from Southern Maine.  He was the 2012 Outdoor Track Athlete of the Year in the Little East Conference.

Third place finisher Peter Bottomley was 16th in 2003 but has been in the top ten every other year since 2001.  The 50-year-old’s best finish had been sixth before today‘s third place.  The Maine Track Club named Peter the 2011 Outstanding Runner in the 40-49 age bracket.

Dominic Vernazza (1936) finished 4th. Kevin On (1689) fifth. Max Warner (1431) sixth.

Dominic Vernazza took fourth.  He is at Camp Winona by way of Chatham, New Jersey.  Dominic (15) is a sophomore at Chatham High.  He was the Fishawack 4-mile run winner in New Jersey on June 9th.

Kevin On (19) from Chicago got 5th and Max Warner (24) on the staff at Camp Owatonna was sixth.

Young Nick Brown (14) from Madison (NH) finished seventh.  Nick was 9th yesterday in a race in Manchester (NH).

Colton Tinker (22) was eighth.  Colton was a junior this year at Southern Maine and part of the 2011 Little East champion cross country team with Tim Even.

Cathleen Balantic (795) second and April Wernig (1973) third.

Matt O’Rourke (17) took ninth.  Matt was a junior at Arlington (MA) High School this year.

Dr. Kyle Rhoads runs this race regularly.  Kyle is the principal of the Windham (ME) Primary School.  He finished tenth today.

On the women’s side, Emily Ward was seventeenth overall and Cathleen Balantic was twenty-fifth.  Cathleen won a 5K ran in Juneau (Alaska) on June 16th.

Former Bowdoin runner April Wernig finished third for the women and thirty-sixth overall.

(All of the pictures above and below enlarge significantly if you click on them.)

Logan Kavanagh

Matt ORourke (9th)

Nick Brown (seventh)

Payton Mannerino

Peter Bottomley (3rd)

race start

Sara Bradley

Tim Even (2nd)

Colton Tinker (8th)

Tom and Karoline Hartner

Tom Bumatay

Henry Howell (12) finished 31st

Henry Osborn

Dr. Kyle Rhoads (10th)

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Jonny Wilson Wins 35th 4 on the 4th Road Race in Bridgton

Jonny Wilson on his way to winning the 35th 4 on the 4th.

Chris Harmon (#1924), Richard Klauber (#1625), and Jonny Wilson (#1516) at the start.

(Bridgton ME)  Jonny Wilson from Falmouth (ME) and the University of Richmond won the 35th 4 on the 4th road race on Monday morning at Bridgton in 20:19.

A record-setting 1849 runners finished the race on an overcast morning with temperatures close to 70 degrees at the muggy 8AM start.  In typical Maine weather fashion, the temperatures rose into the 80s by early afternoon before a rowdy thunder/lightning storm appeared in mid-afternoon only to be followed by very pleasant temps in the upper 70s later in the afternoon.  The good news was that the warm weather and the showers didn’t show up until after the race was over.

The first five finishers (Jonny Wilson, Richard Klauber, Christopher Harmon, John Vallo, and Sean Livingston) ran from the turn onto Main Street past The Magic Lantern with comfortable cushions between each other.

Jonny’s lead was a little difficult to gauge because the police escort came down part of the hill before turning off.  Once the escort left it was clear that Jonny (red shirt senior on this year’s Spider track team) was not going to be caught by Richard Klauber.  Last year’s winner, Phil Richert (19:58), was past The Magic Lantern before another runner appeared at the top of the hill.

Pickles Lajoie in 6th with plenty of competition closing fast.

The final positioning for places 6-11 (Pickles Lajoie, Silas Eastman, Tim Even, Erica Jesseman, Pete Bottomley, and John Barbour) was settled after the Magic Lantern.  Pickles had 6th going past me but had to run for his life after Reny’s to keep that spot.

Tim Even made up at least three spots after he passed by me.

My wife and I always are on hand at the start to make our winner selections.  She had Phil Richert last year!  This time she went with Richard Klauber who finished second.  I went with Tim Even.  He finished fifth last year but this time lost contact with the top five and had to sprint in the last hundred yards to get 8th.

John Vallo (4th), Pickles Lajoie (6th), and Tim Even (8th) all were connected to the University of Southern Maine’s track team this past season.

Christopher Harmon (3rd) was a senior at Maine this year and part of their track program.

Sean Livingston (5th) won this race in 2005 and 2006.  The 42-year-old from Barrington, Rhode Island coaches cross country at Roger Williams University in Bristol (RI).

Silas Eastman with Erica Jesseman gaining ground on the left.

Silas Eastman (7th) is only 16.  He was 6th last year and 7th the year before as a 14-year-old.  He’ll be a senior at nearby Fryeburg Academy in the fall.

Erica Jesseman (9th) was the top woman finisher this year, last year, and in 2006.  The former UNH runner dropped nearly a minute off her time (23:06) last year to this year (22:10).

Pete Bottomley (10th) finished ninth last year.  The 49-year-old started running as a senior at Oxford (ME) Hills and then went on to make the cross country team at Maine.

John Barbour (11th) is a 57-year-old who qualified in 1988 and 1996 for the Olympic Marathon Trials.  Recently he started an indoor track team at Manchester-Essex High school in Manchester, Massachusetts.  He lives in Gloucester (MA).

Kristin Barry was top Maine woman runner at 2010 Beach to the Beacon 10K

Kristin Barry (12th) helped run the Cheverus track program this school year.  She is 37 and the mother of two.  She was a very successful runner at Dartmouth before going to Georgetown to become a lawyer.  Last year she was the 10th woman finisher at the Beach to Beacon 10K and the first female Mainer to cross the finish line.

I am not a professional photographer but like the proverbial blind squirrel I do happen into an acorn occasionally!  I do not charge for any of the pictures you see in this entry.  I will send pictures via email to anyone interested.  My email address is in the CONTACT at the top of the blog page.

(Any of my statistical information and caption information is unofficial.)

Henry Osborn (11)

Mark O'Horo (7)

Tim Even

Tim Even and John Barbour

Pete Bottomley (right)

Erica Jesseman

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