Clyde Draws Support in Newburyport

Clyde may challenge Scott Brown in 2012

Why would Clyde the Horse (mentioned in the Newburyport Current – “Not just horsin’ around”) want to exit from the Newburyport waterfront and get out of town?  Maybe the news of the rally uptown did it.

Seriously, a rally that draws hundreds(?) to restore sanity in Newburyport has to be a good idea.  Apparently from the makeup of the area crowd (Lefties) there was a definite need for a heavy dose of sanity restoration.

Of course a rally that starts in DC with MSNBC’s ranter Ed Schultz and ends with a comedian, wasn’t overloaded with reasonableness.  Don’t you wonder how many people came to hear the music and could care less for the chatter?

I think that the rally here and in DC were attempts to blunt the incoming fire just before the election.  Two years of partisan Obama politics had a majority of the voters ready to toss all the Democrats out.  These rallies preached the need to avoid a heated rush into disaster and surely saved some Democrat seats.

The election results have helped Massachusetts reacquire its laughing-stock image nationally. How could we retain all ten Congressmen who were part of getting us into the economic ditch during the past two years?  What does the rest of the country, other than California, know that the voters here don’t know?  However, any group that would even consider raising $11,400 to keep Clyde around hasn’t felt the economic effects of this administration yet.

Twenty-one Democrat US Senators are up for reelection in 2012.  Could they be now lacing up their sneakers to see how far away from President Obama and Harry Reid they can get before the voting takes place?  

Meanwhile, back here in Massachusetts it’s 2012 and US Senator Scott Brown is fighting for his elected life.  After careful examination of qualifications, Clyde the Horse has swept the Democrat primary and has Scott on the ropes statewide even though Senator Brown accuses Clyde of being a “neigh sayer.”

Clyde’s supporters in Newburyport laud him for his “stability,” and “always being around when we need him.”  When President Obama stops here on a one-day, $1 million campaign swing, he praises Clyde and compares him to himself, “Neither of us will change our stances no matter how strong the winds of adversity are.”

(This is a lighthearted letter-to-the-editor for the Newburyport Current.)

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