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2nd Annual Greater Newburyport Field of Honor – Bartlet Mall

A look over Frog Pond on the Bartlet Mall at the flag display on the morning of September 11, 2011

Special time for families among the flags

(Newburyport) I attended the 2nd Annual Field of Honor program on sunny Sunday afternoon on the Bartlet Mall in Newburyport.

Ten years after Muslim terrorists violated this country, numerous speakers remembered the victims and praised the responders.  Much was made of the way this country dropped its differences and pulled together to get through the tough times surrounding the tragedy.

Below is a collection of my pictures taken at the event.  Individual pictures are of participants.

Newburyport High School singers

Steven Baddour

Mike Costello

Kevin Hunt

John Burciaga

part of the crowd

EJ Ouellette


Mayor Donna Holaday

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Snow Scenes from Newburyport on February 17th

Backyard view in Newburyport - February 17, 2010

I guess you own a camera for mornings like February 17th in Newburyport.

The snowfall from the previous day/night was there to see on that Wednesday morning.  Toss in some bright sunlight in the early AM and the visuals were terrific.  This is a backyard view.

Trees were especially beautiful with snow still attached to even the thinnest of branches.

I try to walk to and along the Merrimac River boardwalk, every day and I always carry my camera (Canon PowerShot SX10IS) with me just in case something interesting presents itself. 

On this day, I wasn’t the only one carrying/using a camera.  I saw one gentleman walking down the middle of a street shooting up into the trees.  There were hardly any cars around, so he wasn’t endangering himself. 

Snow-laden trees overhang Merrimac River boardwalk

The Merrimac River boardwalk was plowed!  Usually a snowstorm signals the beginning of some tricky footing there.  On this morning, the snow-laden trees add to this naturally attractive spot.

Frog Pond on the Bartlet Mall

I knew that the Bartlet Mall would be visually special with the addition of snow.

George Washington knows from whence the wind came during the snowstorm

My favorite statue is the George Washington one on the edge of the Bartlet Mall.  No question about the wind direction during the snowstorm is there. 

I picked a historic white house on High Street and let the snow highlight it.

Junco waits for a feeder to be cleared of snow.

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Lord, Make Me An Instrument

An answered prayer brings a garden new life.

An answered prayer brings a garden new life.

(May 5, 2009) God proved to me recently that He has a sense of humor.

This past week I reread a chapter in a book entitled, “Ten Prayers God Always Says Yes To,” by Anthony DeStefano.  The title of the chapter I reread was, “Why Should I Get Involved?”

To quote the author, “What is this prayer that generates such an immediate and surefire response from God?  Basically, it’s simply a request: “Please, Lord, make me an instrument to carry out some important mission of mercy for you.”  In other words, “Please use me to help someone in need.”

Further along in the chapter the author adds, “Mark my words, after you say this prayer, someone in need is going to practically show up on your doorstep – and he or she is going to be in dire straits.” 

Also further: “Are you beginning to see why this prayer always works?  It ties into the very essence of God’s being, which is love.  If we pray for God to use us as an instrument to help someone else, we are really praying to be God-like.”

Then the reassuring part: “If God sends you someone to assist, he is also going to give you the time, the resources, and the wherewithal to do it…………..No matter what your personal situation, when the moment comes to help someone in need, you will be given all the wisdom and means necessary to be successful.  Of that you should have no doubt.”

I couldn’t think of any reason for not praying – “Lord, make me an instrument,” – to see what would happen.  Therefore, on Saturday (May 2nd), I started using that prayer.

The next morning, my wife and I were walking home from coffee on the Merrimac River, and  passed through the Bartlet Mall.  One of the landmarks there is a large statue of George Washington surrounded by an enclosed garden measuring about 4’ wide. 

It caught our attention that the perennials (sedum) in the surrounding garden needed serious care and the area was still full of leaves from last fall. 

I finished the walk home and suddenly realized that God has just presented me with a place to be an instrument.  That “someone” in need was…………..George Washington!

I told me wife about my realization and together we agreed to do what we could to clean that garden up.  We committed the details to God.

I knew that we couldn’t just go over there and start cleaning around the statue because it’s part of the mall.  I thought that maybe the garden’s care belonged to some individual or individuals and they hadn’t done the job yet.

We ventured down to Newburyport Town Hall on Monday morning to find answers.  It didn’t take long to figure out that no one was responsible for that garden and that the condition it was in was likely to continue.   Believe me, there were some surprised and pleased  folks at City Hall when we offered to clean up that garden.  In one office, we were offered cookies!

We left city hall with permission from the mayor (John Moak) to do the cleaning.

We walked by the statue again on the way home to gauge the tools we’d need.

Last night (Monday), we were at the statue for 2+ hours clipping, pulling, and raking.  The major perennial we found was sedum.  The dead stalks hadn’t been cut back and they, and the deep leaves, overwhelmed the plants.  Our clearing work opened up the plants to daylight and they should bloom eventually.

This morning (Tuesday) we trucked close to ten large plastic bags of leaves/debris over to the Newburyport compost site.

I can’t help but smile when I think of how God answered my prayer.  The “someone” in need was George Washington and God knew that my wife and I had the time, energy, and  tools to be of help.  We acquired a few aches from our labors but it was still exciting to be involved the way we were.

All glory to Him.  Do I hear laughing? 

Anyone else want to give that, “Lord, make me an instrument,” prayer a try??  We know from experience that He will answer it.

(June 12, 2009) The call was urgent and the need was immediate. 

And I didn’t reflect back to the, “Lord, make me an instrument,” prayer until after the fact.  I actually hadn’t prayed that specific prayer for a number of weeks. 

The needs were food and funds.  God doesn’t send you into situations that are beyond what you have.

We wrestled with the specifics and then headed to where the need was. 

We met the need anonymously but we knew that we would be found out.

Important for us was to be willing.  We had at our disposal what the person needed. 

God made us an instrument and we thank Him.

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